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Suicide Ventures Circle


In 2016 we reached out to traditional venture investors with an offer to work with our portfolio of crypto projects. They said that would be self-destructive, or to put it bluntly, suicidal. Despite those predictions, we have been seeing double digits multipliers and continue enjoying high ROI.

As the market matured, Suicide Ventures grew with it and transformed into the asset management service and data intelligence platform leveraging the portfolio of dozens of altcoins.

We know how risky and vague blockchain investments might seem to many. Our approach is to close the gap between the fast-growing market and investors’ expectations:

  • Safe investing in Crypto
  • Proper legal token scheme for any regulation, including security tokens and other asset classes
  • Verified application framework for tokenomics evaluation and business models proof tests
  • Tracking crypto market landscape with native data-harvesting agents
Suicide Ventures Circle

Blockchain Investments

At Suicide Ventures, we seek long-term value projects such as blockchain-based protocols and applications, and startups with inherent blockchain usage and trustworthy tokenomics.

All companies are evaluated against the framework created to test tokens and business models performance in real life.

We do not merely invest in tokens. We invest in technology and business models. We mentor and provide support by leveraging our extensive network of partners’ proprietary relationships to help founders navigate the challenges of building a business.

Early Token / Seed Investment

  • Framework for the business model review
  • Advisory and mentorship
  • Blockchain Technology consulting on which consensus algorithm works best for you or which platform to choose to launch the token
  • Legal support
  • Calculations of the tokenomics and help with business-model improvements

Existing Blockchain Projects

  • Growth hacking
  • Upgrade of the tokenomics
  • Reboost and anti-crisis marketing
  • Advisory on business operations
  • Aftermarket support program
  • Technology commercialization paths

For Blockchain Startups

We offer our expertise to companies that contribute to the blockchain industry adoption, build software solutions to solve tech obstacles, and create new forms of digital assets and ownerships. Not less important, our startup teams are fun, savvy and deliver results promptly.

We can’t help you though if you think that a token is a shortcut to crypto wealth and plan to run an ICO for your startup even though you can perfectly work without blockchain technology.

Digital assets management

We manage portfolio hedging risks of the «hold» strategy (BTC, ETH, EOS) with derivatives (short positions, futures, swap and options contracts), as well as the portfolio of actively traded coins following the evolvement of blockchain dynamic industry.

We back projects that fall under a certain criteria - up to 20 alt coins on their way to the market cap top.

  • SCDE Index

    SCDE Index is a real-time benchmark for the crypto market. Index constituents are carefully vetted and fully diversified across different categories of digital assets (mediums of exchange, stores of value, smart contract protocols, etc.) and different sectors of the crypto economy.

    The SCDE index contains valid insights about the current and past movements of this young and extremely volatile market.

  • More indexes coming soon

Financial Data Science and Intelligent Trading

One of the divisions of Suicide Ventures is the R&D laboratory with the focus on tools that helps us make the right financial decisions and enhance our performance on the public crypto market.

Suicide Ventures Warehouse

Real-time data harvested and recorded about 2095 coins and 4314 crypto instruments

Suicide Ventures built a data-cluster for collecting, recording and long-term storage of real-time data with crypto-instruments. At the moment we are harvesting 65 to 80 percent of the total volume of crypto-exchanges.

We created special subsystems-explorers and parsers for the native work with the Ether and Bitcoin blocker. It means we provide fast extraction of essential information and freedom in analytical samples without intermediaries, and we work with this data. In fact, we have a full "etherscan" and "blockchain info". Such approach gives us freedom to use and interpret Big Data through custom analytical samples. It also gives us the ability to look extensively at the financial markets keeping note of all processes.

We see unlimited possibilities for traders: from high-frequency trading to arbitrage.

We foresee the next wave of algorithmic trading through the complex correlations and relations based on parsing data from both, crypto exchanges and blockchains

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Suicide Ventures Analytical vehicle

Our financial and tech analysts produce comprehensive market reports alongside with detailed project reviews that help us select the most talented people running promising startups to fund.

Our approach to combine manually gathered data and data-driven analytics serves as the basis for leveraging up-to-date information to immediately respond to the market shifts.

Many of our public reports you can find on our blog.