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In 2016 we started reaching out to traditional venture investors to get involved with our blockchain projects. They said we were going to make suicidal decisions. Disregarding their predictions, we have seen double digits multipliers throughout these years and continue enjoying all-time high ROI.
Now with Blockchain investing peaking, we are ready to offer our expertise.


To bring investors on board, build tokenomics, structure business processes. Our services include full-stack marketing campaigns, community building, and brand strategy. We have a team of international advisors and industry experts that add value at every stage of the go-to-market strategy.

You can think of us as investment bankers for the blockchain industry.

What we do
Initial capital raise
Private placement
Developing all the necessary documentation, be it marketing, product, technology or legal
Designing projects’ technology architecture
Design and identity
Evangelism marketing
Integrated marketing / PR campaigns in cryptocurrency space
Forming and enhancing high-functioning teams
Conferences and events
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Suicide Ventures has offices in London and Moscow, but our services are offered all around the globe.
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